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Here's a hard cover book that you should judge by its cover!
J. Mark Press has just published this lovely volume of inspirational Christian poetry for Alana D. S. Butts.

If there is but one poem that lives with you forever, a whole book is surely worth buying. 

Here is one poem that's going to keep you thinking and remembering Alana for a long time.

This poem is from the book,
"Inspire Me"
Words of Inspiration
Alana D. S. Butts

"The Dash In Between"

You’ve seen it before on every headstone
there are always to dates with a dash in between
The dates are important
but it’s more about the dash to me it seems.

What did you do with your dash in between?
Were you sweet and giving or were your really mean?
Did you give of yourself, try to shine your light
attempt to exemplify the best of you with all your might?

Or did you ignore all that you were taught,
from parents, family, life and friends.
Did you not care where your dash began and ends?

I want my dash to be long and bold,
I want people to know I tried to touch some soul,
I want it to be said she always did her very best
and that with the Father her soul is at rest.

I want you to remember how I every day tried
to spread some sun,
how I gave you some laughter how we had some fun.
How I shared all I had; attempted to be your friend,
and that is what I want in my dash from end to end.

I want to be remembered as loving; always ready to make
I want to have been loved by family and my friends.
And when it is all over and I live only in someone’s dreams,
remember I tried to do my best with the dash in between.

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