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Sand Pictures keep changing, creating infinite new pictures of sand and sky.
Relax and even fall asleep watching gently ever-changing scenes of wind-swept sand.

These  Sand Pictures
are endlessly fascinating. Drifting, flowing, moving sand gradually creates a different scenic picture of wind-swept sand every
time you flip it upside down.

They not only provide Stress Relief, and aid sleep without medication, they
aid dieting and smoking cessation!
Flowing Moving Sand Pictures are the perfect gift for everyone!

Everyone can use a relaxing break with a moving Flowing Sand Picture!
Sand pictures have the same health benefits
as you'll find offered at our fish tank web page

How do sand pictures work?

Sand pictures are formed when the sand suspended in liquid, floats down
between the 2 glass panes on either side of the window frame.

You adjust the speed of sand pictures by tilting the glass.

Flip your sand pictures upside down and start brand new scenes. Keep them on a slight angle more toward you at the bottom for a better scene.

Gently falling sand forms unique individual landscapes. The visual effects soothe, relieve stress, develop imagination, create aesthetic impressions and leave one feeling good. Forming beautiful pictures has a pleasant and healthful effect on our bodies and mind.

The Sand Pictures keep changing, creating infinite new pictures in scenes of sand and sky.

Sand pictures provide many hours of fascination for all ages. The stress relief and relaxation novel gift for coping with the 21st century without medication!

Doesn't every desk in every office deserve a gift of sand pictures?

Sand pictures are the answer to gifts for those who "have everything."

They are made in assorted colors.
Each color is beautiful, and we cannot offer you a color choice.

They come to us packed assorted.
You may request a color preference
in the message box when you check out, but we can't promise.

Moving, Flowing Sand Pictures- A fun-to-watch gift for Stress Relief - Relaxation - even sleep-

They provide a surprising range of
healing and preventative health benefits
without medication!

Hints for better performance
If the picture has not been used for several hours, shake it to make small bubbles out of the large ones.

When you turn the picture over have the top of the picture slightly toward you. The white sand will then fall on your side
and vein (striated) the picture making it more scenic.

Don't be tricked by look-alike imitations . . .
We're J. Mark... No one else can sell you "our" merchandise for less.
If they're not at J. Mark, you can be sure they're not ours.

Read the scientific reports we found on the internet
on the health benefits of soothing visual experiences.

This style is available at this time in 2 sizes, With a stand instead of a swivel base...
These are made of thick glass plates with a pretty brass frame around the sand picture area. We can ship to USA only.

Medium is approx 5"x7"

Large is approx 7"x9"

Read the scientific reports we found on the internet
on the health benefits of soothing visual experiences.

Like our artificial aquariums
they calm the kids at bedtime -
or the harried executive at his desk!
Another great product from J. Mark

Why Moving Sand Pictures stop working, and what you can do...

When you turn the picture upside down the air supports the sand and regulates the rate at which the sand falls

The more air in the picture the slower the sand falls
The slower the sand falls the more scenic the picture.

Over a long period of use time, and as a result of barometric
pressure changes, the picture will gain so much air that the
sand will not fall. This situation can be corrected.

When the sand will not fall the picture has too much air.

To correct the condition (pull out the " dowel that the picture turns
on if you have the swivel style).

Insert a syringe, available at drug counters, through the dowel hole into
the space between the two pieces of glass. Add distilled water.
(up to a 3cc syringe with a 1", 22 gauge needle)

Turn the picture so the end of the needle is in the "air" and extract air. Be sure to remove by volume as much air as you added water.

If the sand is going too fast do the opposite of that described above.
That is add air and remove water.

Always start with a full syringe (have the plunger all the way back
and return it to the same position before removing if from the picture).

If you are not certain that the same amount has been removed take the
plunger out of the syringe and insert the open syringe into the picture
with the syringe on top, allowing it to stand 1-2 minutes.

This will equalize the pressure inside to that outside. If the volume of air changed readjust again.

To avoid disappointment, do not procrastinate.
These items sell out rapidly, and
are often never made again.

Do not buy if you are uncertain. Always email us any concerns, first. Due to the fragility and the costly shipping of a big heavy package, and because we guarantee our merchandise to be brand new first quality, direct from the source, we cannot accept returns. Sizes are often "approximate." Colors may vary by computer.
We do not sell YOU returned merchandise that bounced twice across America and then on to you. If anything arrives damaged email us immediately. The post office or UPS will reimburse you.

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For decor, pleasure, romance, nightlights, health, and exciting unique gifts.
FREE Sweet Challah Recipe
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