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functional yarn marionettes
that  make tomorrow's memories...
Cute, Cuddly, Huggable, Lovable friends.

To buy wholesale from J. Mark it is understood that you
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Marionettes .



Marionette puppets  light up the imagination
and spark new stories.

Make background scenery for them
in  a carton with an open-front.
Dress them up if you wish with bandana's,
sunglasses, doll clothes and toys found in
thrift stores or in bulk at craft supply stores.

Sell these marionette puppets, use them in gift baskets, story hours,
fund-raising performances, or displays. Plush stuffed toys are
great for fund-raising sales, fairs, C-stores, gas stations, souvenir
gift shops, pre-schools, florists, gift baskets, Zoo's,
flea markets, home sales, parties, etc.


Sold wholesale only in dozen lots
Minimum order $50.00

net, (before postage) and

 (Subject to terms of use below.)

To order less than $50
 please click here to add $8.95 handling fee.

We expect that you have an outlet for
these other than for "personal use."
Due to low wholesale pricing, they are not returnable.

You will need to add postage on orders over
$300.Please check the chart below.

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