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How The Soothing of Artificial Fish Tanks Assists In Alternative Healing & Preventative Health 
presented by J. Mark

Below you'll discover how audio and visual stimulation effect total well-being:
smoking cessation, weight loss, ability to reduce pain, induce sleep, attack cancer, calm
anxiety, reduce depression, stress, and lower blood pressure, appetite modulation,  fertility
and testosterone, skeletal muscles, sweat glands, heart health, learning and

Find out how our artificial aquarium can help do this for you.
Scientific research has proven the mental and physical health benefits
of soothing audio-visual stimulation. They confirm our hypothesis, that
there are positive health and healing effects from the soothing, rotating lighted
seascape, though it is only a fake aquarium. 
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The research and articles available on the effects of  relaxing audio and visual
stimulation to increase endorphins for improving health are limitless and ongoing.
The references on this page are the best we've found on the internet, but  just the
"opening door." The internet is filled with professional information on this subject.


A great alternative to medicine alone for healing...
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How can a toy aquarium stimulate serious health benefits?

The soothing, calming, effects of  an aquarium,
with colorful tropical fish swimming by,
stimulates the neurotransmitter serotonin
in the brain increasing the
production of endorphins.

"Endorphins" contribute to  illness prevention, heart health, mental
health, and other disease prevention and patient recovery.
*Endorphins interact with the brains opiate receptor neurons.

They help in smoking cessation and weight loss.  to reduce  pain, calm anxiety, 
reduce stress and lower blood pressure. They're connected to euphoric
feelings, appetite modulation, stimulate fertility and sex hormones,
send messages to the skeletal muscles, sweat glands, and heart; and 
serotonin release underlies the process of learning and consciousness. 
(Columbia Encyclopedia 2001-2005)

Most of us have experienced over the years the "feel good"
you get from music you enjoy, or from the visual experiences of
pleasing art and enjoyable scenery, beaches, sunsets.

The "feel good" is caused by chemistry that takes place in the opiate
receptors of the brain which induce the production of endorphins.
Science has identified more than 300 types of endorphins. Some are
serotonins that induce sleep. Some work like morphine to kill pain.
Others are T-cell cancer fighters.
The following  references are offered to, support our hypothesis that
our lighted artificial fish tank, (because of its stimulating color and
soothing repetitive rotating fish), will contribute to lower blood pressure
and reduced anxiety, and enhance the mood. Such physical enhancements
are known to assist in all forms of health recovery.

You will see that all health can be adversely affected by excess
stress (or lack of stress management)

As you will learn, endorphins may relieve depression, pain, help you quit smoking,
and lose weight, just to name a few benefits for increasing your endorphins.
And it may all start with our fake aquarium.

While there are no definitive research studies and reports resulting from
this particular artificial / toy fish tank, scientific evidence suggests
that watching it while relaxing to your favorite music or TV
show, or while enjoying ones companions, will certainly
contribute to a sense of "well" being.
In Ladies Home Journal Aug. 2005 Leslie Laurence explains that 20 million men and
women are experiencing depression, not caused by a saddening experience. She states
"Depression is related to a shortage of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Men are less
prone to depression because they produce more serotonin."

Please remember that drugs do not restore good health. They may assist immeasurably,
then make you crave their effect when they wear off. But wellness by intense
focus on avoidance of chemical food additives, healthy diet and habits is the real cure.

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Columbia Encyclopedia Sixth Edition.  2001-05.
defines Endorphins as:

neurotransmitters found in the brain that have pain-relieving properties similar to morphine. There are three major types of endorphins: beta endorpins, found primarily in the pituitary gland; and enkephalins and dynorphin, both distributed throughout the nervous system. Endorphins interact with opiate receptor neurons to reduce the intensity of pain: among individuals afflicted with chronic pain disorders, endorphins are often found in high numbers. Many painkilling drugs, such as morphine and codeine, act like endorphins and actually activate opiate receptors. Besides behaving as a pain regulator, endorphins are also thought to be connected to physiological processes including euphoric feelings, appetite modulation, and the release of sex hormones.


There are more than 300 known neurotransmitters, including chemicals such as acetylcholine, norepinephrine, adenosine, triphosphate, and the endorphins, and gases, such as nitric oxide. Neurotransmitters transmit information within the brain and from the brain to all the parts of the body. Acetylcholine, for example, sends messages to the skeletal muscles, sweat glands, and heart; serotonin release underlies the process of learning and consciousness.



Endorphins: The Body's Stress Fighters
contains extensive lists of links on this subject.
The practice of meditation can increase the amount of
endorphins released in your body.


 extensive scientific findings that support our hypothesis 

"photic stimulation devices" tested on more than 5,000 patients suffering from chronic pain and stress-symptoms during the `80s. A detailed study on 92 patients indicated that 88 obtained relaxation results higher than 60% after 30- minute sessions. Eight patients had blood tests before and after the sessions and showed improved beta-endorphin levels of 10-50%. (All of these relaxation results are improved when combining the photic stimulation with relaxation audio tapes). 
Dr. Norman Shealy, Dr. Richard Cox

Dr. Roman Chrucky, Medical Director of North Jersey Development Center in Totowa, New Jersey:

"The machine works like a tranquilizer and the effect lasts for several days. Using the machines in Theta frequency, clients are very receptive to suggestions on behavioral aspects such as reducing tobacco, alcohol and food consumptions." Dr. Chrucky also noted during his conversations with patients that many "were more creative during the sessions."

Self Healing Health Powers to Re-Set your Mind/Body Ideal Body Weight Regulators & Fat/Sugar Foods Cravings!


These findings promise to revolutionize pain relief and may lead to improved treatments for diseases ranging from alcoholism to rheumatoid arthritis. The brain works through neurons communicating with each other by releasing signaling chemicals called neurotransmitters; an important reproductive peptide, and regulation of the immune system.
Certain brain opioids act more on some receptor subtypes than others. This may lead to the development of new pain-relieving drugs that do not cause depressed breathing rate, addiction, or other side effects.

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