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You'll love our novel Hummingbird themed decor selection and Hummingbird gifts, feeders, windchimes, candle holders, fountain, Victorian Crystal drops, lanterns, pillars, Hummingbird Centerpieces, wall sconce,Scented candle Hummingbird Jar.

Looking at our favorite colors and themes makes us feel good. We feel a sense of peace recalling a dainty hummingbird at a flower, and these decorative hummingbird gifts help bring that to mind. The kitchen is where the day begins and ends for most of us. But, did you know...? Home decor we feel good about helps us carry good feelings and self-esteem wherever we go.
Don't be tricked by look-alike imitations . . . Many products look like ours in pictures online. We're J. Mark ... No one else can sell you "our" merchandise for less. If it's not at J. Mark, you can be sure it's not ours.
We sell only FIRST quality, genuine artistry in Hummingbirds that you'll be proud to own and display... Our decorative Hummingbird selection and Hummingbirdholders, Victorian Crystal drops, Hummingbird lanterns, pillars, Hummingbird centerpieces, wall sconces,are beautiful! copyrighted by their originator.
These kitchen decor themed Hummingbirds are tomorrow's heirlooms. They do become discontinued by their manufacturers. We stocked up at J. Mark, but eventually they won't be available anywhere. It is wise to buy as many as you can while the supply lasts.
See what our customers say We're proud to show you reviews from 100's of J. Mark customers

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A Hummingbirds w/Orange Coaster Set of 8

A Hummingbirds w/Orange  Coaster Set of 8

Hummingbirds w/Orange Counter Art absorbent stone coasters are crafted from a natural stoneware material that absorbs moisture and condensation to protect furniture. A durable cork backing give further tabletop protection from water marks and scratches.

Burner Covers Round Metal - Floral Hummingbird

Burner Covers Round Metal - Floral Hummingbird

2 Humming Birds Burner Covers -Set of 4 round Metal two 8 inch - two 10 inch - for electric

Cast Iron Hummingbird Plant Hanger 2 Sets

Cast Iron Hummingbird Plant Hanger 2 Sets

PRICE INCLUDES TWO! Cast Iron Hummingbird Plant Hanger measures 10 3/4" for the holder and hangs out from the wall 11 3/4". There are two holes on the each end of the holder for easy mounting. Rustic painted.

Hummingbird Cast Iron Hanger

Hummingbird Cast Iron Hanger

Rust colored cast iron. Two holes on top and one on bottom for hanging. 11"Wx8.5"Hx1.75"D

Hummingbird Floral Wildlife Tempered Glass Cuttingboard

Hummingbird Floral Wildlife Tempered Glass Cuttingboard

Hummingbird pattern Tempered Glass Cutting Board Dishwasher safe, heat and shatter resistant - rubber feet included to prevent slippage during use. Measures 12"x15" All boards come in hygienic sealed wrapping.

Hummingbird Garden Stick Lodge/Cabin/Wildlife Décor

Hummingbird Garden Stick  Lodge/Cabin/Wildlife Décor

Painted metal hummingbird perfect to decorate any flowerpot or small garden overall measurement with stick included is 8.25"W 14.75"H x 1"D. this hummingbird also has a hanger so that it can be displayed on any wall withouth the stick, hummingbird alone measures 8.25"W x 8.5"H x 1"D.

Hummingbird Plant Hanger

Hummingbird Plant Hanger

Colorful Hummingbird Plant Hanger.  Very colorful and unique.  Will hold a nice size plant or hummingbird feeders.
Measures: Metal hanger measures 4.75"W x 13.75"H x .25"D.

Hummingbird- Round Metal Burner Covers

Hummingbird- Round Metal Burner Covers

HUMMINGBIRD Burner Covers -Set of 4 round Metal two 8 inch - two 10 inch - for electric stoves

~ Cast Iron Hummingbird Corner Brace Set of 2

~ Cast Iron Hummingbird Corner Brace Set of 2

Hummingbird Corner Brace
NOTE: YOU GET TWO OF THE BRACKETS SHOWN FOR THE SAME PRICE! Made of cast iron this pretty corner brace can be used inside or out. Measures 12.75"x7.5" and is 1" thick.

~ Collectibles Figure- 19 inch Hummingbird Angel Garden

~ Collectibles Figure- 19 inch Hummingbird Angel Garden

Joseph Studio
Materials: Resin/Stone Mix
Dimensions: 9.25"H 5.75"W 5.5"D

~ Country Hummingbird Wildlife Glass Cuttingboard

~ Country Hummingbird Wildlife Glass Cuttingboard

Tuftop Brand Heavy Tempered Glass Cutting Board, Shatter-Resistant, Protect counter and tabletop. Large, Dishwasher safe on low heat-Heat resistant to 150 degrees-F, Measures 11.5" x 15.5" inches. Rubber feet prevent slippage when in use. All boards are individually custom made.

Displaying 1 to 11 (of 11 products) Result Pages:  1 

How Long Will It Take to get my order?

If you don't have your order in 9 business days, contact us immediately.

To avoid disappointment, do not procrastinate. These items sell out rapidly, and are often never made again.

Due to the fragility and the costly shipping of a big heavy package, and because we guarantee our merchandise to be brand new first quality, direct from the source, we cannot accept returns.

These items are so gorgeous that you could order any piece blind-folded and be totally thrilled when you get it! We never exaggerate or mislead you at J. Mark.
See What Our Customers say

Sizes and capacities are strictly approximate. Colors may vary by computer.
All our ceramic products are made primarily for decor, not utility.
Please always contact us about any specific concerns about size, uses, or delivery before you buy..

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