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Discover a distinct advantage at J. Mark Press

  AUTHORS - POETS AND WRITERS of GENEALOGY, FAMILY HISTORIES - RECIPES CHILDREN'S - FICTION - NON- FICTION - POETRY - FUND-RAISING BOOKS - Manufacturers of short run, small quantity, hard bound, cloth bound, reports and genealogies containing color pictures and photos.


We bind only hard cover books.
We do not bind less than 15 books.
For small quantities, we recommend
ready-made binders sold in craft or office supply stores.

If you're determined to have your own hard cover book,
you'll be glad you found us.

You'll need to decide which features pertain to your book to
locate the price.

Different size jobs require us to use different equipment,
so the price per book changes.

Allow 8 to 12 weeks from when we receive your pages
to completed book in your hands.

We are J. Mark Press
Hard cover book bindery
The affordably priced self-publishing experts since 1963...
(publishers, printers, binders, manufacturers) printing hard cover books for schools and libraries, poets, writers, self-publishing authors, and authors of family history, genealogies, biographies, thesis, juvenile, fiction, cookbooks, children's books, reports, and non-fiction in hard cover binding only.

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A hard cover book gives you credibility as an author...

Wouldn't you be impressed receiving a hard cover book from an author or a relative? Or receiving a family history, (genealogy), poetry, juvenile book, fiction, recipes, etc.

You?ll impress family, friends, reviewers, talk show hosts, librarians, bookstore owners, and general audiences!

People rarely throw away hard covered books! Most libraries require them. Reviewers notice them! (Will some relative find yours some day?)

If you need to market your book, don't waste money on book marketing scams.

There is nothing you can't do for yourself, easily, at little or no cost, such as appear on talk shows, get into popular mail-order catalogs, get reviewed in relevant magazines.

You'll need to get a domain name, (a dot com), under $15.00 a year, and a free or low cost web site, such as www.godaddy.com or www.Directnic.com,

Advertise on the internet, on eBay, Yahoo, Google, and Amazon, sell to schools and libraries through book distributors, arrange book signings, etc.

We'll tell our authors where to buy an incredible book that has the best marketing information for self-published authors.



Having J. Mark Press sew and bind hard cover books from your
already-printed pages gives you specific advantages that no one else offers:

1. Include lots of pictures, and color affordably.

2. Hard Bind a few books with many pages affordably.

3. Have full control over graphics on your pages.

4. Use fancier grades of white paper.

(Do not use color paper). Please use white only. We only use white end papers.



Here's How Easy It Gets...

Everyone can have a local copy-shop print and collate
their pages in the correct size ready for us to bind.

1 - Tell us which size do you want . . .
or 6"x9"
or 8"x7" 
or 8" x 5"

You need to allow 1/2" to 3/4" blank margins
around each page for our trimming.

2 - Which style hard cover do you want . . .
     Gold-titled Vinyl-clothbound (below)
or  Full-Color Art Laminated (below)

3 - How many books do you want bound . . .
     15 to 200 laminated
or any amount in vinyl cloth binding.

4. How thick does it measure?

We'll quote you the price.
You simply send us the pages with your email address.
  We'll email you a secure invoice to pay online.
Charge the amount to any major credit
card (safely online only).

Do not request laminated covers on
8 " x 11" or 6"x9"
We cannot accommodate you.

For Paper dust jackets, after your book is bound, you need to find a "printer," who prints oversized paper. We suggest "Kinko's"




Here's How Else We Can Help You

We can provide the ISBN number you need, and list your book
in "Books In Print," so it can be located worldwide by everyone,
major book sellers, academic or public libraries, etc.

If your book will be sold in bookstores, you must have an ISBN number.
You cannot get a bar code for your book until it has an ISBN number.


These are actual photos of Our Gold Embossed Vinyl-Clothbound Hard Covered Books

We "guarantee" that all our books are
Smyth-Sewn, and library approved quality.
You will be proud and pleased.

Our book binding is guaranteed to meet the standards of schools,
bookstores, and public libraries.  We cannot sell you someone's
book. Most of our books' pages were provided by the author and
are not representative of our work.

If you want to purchase a random remainder book see the quality,
you may click here. There is a service charge of $1.00 plus $11.95
shipping and handling.

3.) Choose Classic Gold-titled vinyl-cloth
hard covered books shown here.
(a semi-gloss water-resistant finish).


Or choose the NEW Laminated hard cover

To use this style your book size must be 
8"x 5"  or    8"x 7".

A similar technique is used for decades on children's books: (Golden Books, Dr. Zeus, etc.) Now it is turning up in gift-type books in bookstores.

This style eliminates a need for dust jackets
that can fall off and get ruined,
and that are very expensive in small quantity.

Here full-color art is printed on plain white paper,
then laminated in sparkling acrylic coating, then
mounted onto hard covers, (instead of using cloth or vinyl).

You need to supply us with your own
printed, ready-to-bind, pages.

For the cover art, we can use our art or yours, or send you margin requirements and you can print your cover on 11x17" 24 lb white paper which we can laminate and wrap around our board to create the same covers.

Your picture needs to be inkjet or offset printing, not laser, and meet our approval first.
You need a large per cent of white area or laminating won't adhere to the art properly.

FREE We provide Full-color professional art for
Laminated hard covers provided by our art dept.
(A glossy Dust-jacket-look).
We will consider your personally submitted cover design only
if the picture is within 3"x 5" with no dark, or dense color areas,
suitable for our reproduction.)

Our book binding is guaranteed to meet the standards of schools,
bookstores, and public libraries.  We cannot sell you someone's
book. Most of our books' pages were provided by the author and
are not representative of our work.


If you want to purchase a random remainder book see the quality,
you may click here. There is a service charge of $1.00 plus $11.95
shipping and handling.


For a confirmed Price Quote,
fill out the quick and easy form below...

We try to answer email within 3 hours during business
hours and days. You are not obligated to buy in any way
by inquiring to confirm a cost. We will not plague you with
repeat emails or share your information. (spam)

We cannot discuss books or prices by phone because
we are at our plant publishing books when you call.

YOU need to tell us the dimensions, thickness and cover that pertains
to "YOUR" book, and how many you need.

Thousands of people a  month ask us for estimates.

We are not book printers. We are binders only
of hard cover books.
We do not bind less than 15 books.

For small quantities, we recommend ready-made binders
sold in craft or office supply stores.



Allow about 8 to 12 weeks

(from the day we receive your order to the day we ship
the finished books)
 for a basic 32-page, 8" x 5"
book from our start to shipping.
*Often sooner, (sometimes a bit longer), depending
on how busy we are when your book arrives here.

Due to Murphy's law...
("Never make plans until they're in your hands!")
No one can Guarantee delivery dates.

You must agree to abide by our Terms of Use
below when you have us produce your book.

Prices are subject to change at any time if you have not sent us your book.
We will not be liable for missing copies. Please allow 10% for possible machinery error that may eliminate some copies. We are only liable for a refund you have paid us for a binding, not the
the printed contents. We use postal insurance for your binding cost. You need to tell us to purchase insurance for your printing costs or their won't be any..

By ordering hard-cover binding from J. Mark Press, with or without printing,
you are agreeing to our terms of use below.


click "back arrow" top left to continue after my "Thank You."

We never share your information or send you spam.

Your Name

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 Street Address 

City, State, Zip  
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Cover Measures

How many books
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How many numbered page whether blank or printed on
(Book pages are printed on both sides of a page)
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Enter Your Binding Cost:

Already-Printed Pages
Our printing

Cloth Cover Gold title
Laminated Cover

Price (given on our web page charts)
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Cost for Extra thickness ($1.60 per "  over first ")

Cost for Extra gold line on front ($1.50 per book)

Cost for print/picture back cover
($.50 per book)Laminated cover only

ISBN & Books In Print Listing yr.
(optional) fill in $55.00

Estimated Postage 
required field
(up to 64-pages 8x11 $.45
per book)
(100 to 400 pages $.90
per book
You may be billed if higher.)

Your Estimated total cost
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Check if you want to pay by credit card or check online?
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For Customer Service Send
Us Email Click Here 
We will answer within 3 hours during business hours. Weekdays, 10:30 to 5:30 Eastern Time closed Sat., Sun. Holidays
This page is www.HardcoverBindery.com To use credit cards...
we can e-mail you a "Pay Pal" payment request form.
We do not process credit cards by mail or phone. Only by secure e-mail online.
Mail Pages to...

"Never make plans until the books are in your hands!"

By placing your order you are agreeing to this

Terms of Use Statement
All Purchases are subject to our Terms of Use Statement
You understand and agree that the owners of this site shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, data or other intangible losses (even if the owners of this site have been advised of the possibility of such damages), resulting from the use or the inability to use the product (s) and / or service (s) or any misuse of the product (s) and or service (s) in a manner not in accordance with their intended use.

We will issue no refunds under any circumstances (except for our actual replacement cost of a page, if made unusable due to our error, and reported within 5 days of receiving it). We will not accept returns based on color. We are not selling colors. We are selling products. Every effort is made to provide requested or anticipated colors; however, sometimes the binding cloth you prefer is not available at binding time.

E-mail at once if you do not have your package within 17 business days of shipment notification.

Monitor your e-mail for notice of shipment. If packages are returned to us marked "unclaimed or undeliverable as addressed," they will be disposed of
without further correspondence or compensation (unless caused by our error).
Unauthorized returns will be refused. If you need to meet a deadline, e-mail  us prior to ordering to see if it's feasible. We cannot help you once your order is in transit. We cannot guarantee to meet a deadline. We can only try to accommodate you.
*Allow about 8-12 weeks  (from the day we receive your order to the day we ship the finished books)   Due to Murphy's law...
"Never make plans until they're in your hands!"


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